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Challenges With the Decarbonization of Healthcare Facilities

Challenges With the Decarbonization of Healthcare Facilities

If the U.S. healthcare system was its own country, it would be the tenth largest emitter of carbon emissions in the world, above such nations as Brazil and the United Kingdom. It is no wonder, then, that the decarbonization of healthcare facilities is an area of focus in the industry.

With the White House calling on hospitals and health systems to lower carbon emissions, it’s important to look at what healthcare facilities leaders can actually do to reduce their carbon footprint. We must acknowledge what’s possible, what’s realistic and what hazards facilities leaders will encounter on their path to decarbonization.

This on demand webinar, presented in partnership with the American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE), gives you an inside look at challenges with decarbonization in the healthcare industry. Listen in as healthcare facility experts discuss their plans and strategies for going green and the opportunities they are seizing as they guide their organizations to a more sustainable future.

For more great content on sustainability and decarbonization, visit our free Healthcare Decarbonization Resource Hub.


Mark Kenneday, Gordian
Mark Kenneday
Director of Market Strategy and Development - Healthcare

Richie Stever, University of Maryland Medical System
Richie Stever
Vice President of Real Estate & Property Management
University of Maryland Medical System

Charles Clay, Sutter Health
Charles Clay
Director of Support and Ancillary Services
Sutter Health

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