Campus Emergencies: Are You Ready?

Campus Emergencies: Are You Ready?

When dealing with an emergency situation, every second counts and student and faculty safety is #1 priority. Beyond the plans, drills and alerts already in place, this webinar discusses how you can employ responsive and reliable construction procurement strategies that enable work to begin immediately.

*NAEP Members are eligible to receive 1 continuing education credit hour for viewing the webinar recording.


Key Takeaways

  • Ensure your campus is financially and operationally prepared for emergency situations
  • ​How to immediately respond to emergency events while adhering to scheduling demands and minimizing disruptions
  • Ways to control costs of unexpected emergency repair, reconstruction and replacement projects
  • How to efficiently procure emergency work and meet reimbursement requirements
  • Gain access to prequalified contractors ready to respond with preset unit prices


Doreen Murner

CEO, National Association of Educational Procurement

Joe Morgan

Contract Administrator, National Joint Powers Alliance

Sophia Jang

NY Manager, Consultant Services and Client Support, Gordian

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