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Academic Space Analysis and Planning


Are you feeling squeezed on space?  Do you feel crowded?  Before committing to new construction, members can use an Academic Space analysis to examine how current space is used and whether that space and its use can be adapted.


Although constructing a new building may seem like the best way to produce more space on campus, it may not be the best use of your institution’s resources.  Sometimes an addition or new building is a more expensive fix than necessary.  Sightlines Academic Space analysis creates more accurate information so you can make better decisions regarding space planning on campus.

How It Works

Gordian creates an inventory of all teaching spaces and tracks their utilization.  Our experience at hundreds of campuses nationwide allows us to compare your profile to those of peer institutions and best practices everywhere.  These quick and cost-effective services can be performed separately or in conjunction with Sightlines Integrated Facilities Plan (IFP).


As a result of the Academic Space analysis, your institution receives a database of facilities assets, utilizations, and specific deficiencies that:


  • Includes links to photographs and, in many cases, verified CAD drawings
  • Can be coordinated with your Integrated Facilities Plan (IFP) to assure you use institutional resources to reach the best outcome
  • Merges the deficiency database with the findings of the utilization analysis
  • Leads to the assessment of new space needs and/or any reconfiguration options that improve the use of space and/or the release of space for other purposes