Risk of Inaction, the New Facilities ROI
December 7, 2023

Risk of Inaction, the New Facilities ROI

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Chronic underfunding, rising deferral and mounting operational constraints have led to a declining Net Asset Value (NAV) in most healthcare facilities. We have reached a tipping point where Return on Investment (ROI) must now encompass “Risk of Inaction.” Without additional investments or a more focused application of increasingly restricted resources, these physical assets will not remain safe or practical solutions for patient care, and risk management will become unsustainable. This is the Risk of Inaction.

Join us for this trailblazing webinar to explore the implications of emerging facilities risk and how to ensure compatibility between facilities and clinical priorities to support, stabilize and improve your portfolio’s NAV.

Mark Kenneday, Gordian
Mark Kenneday
Director of Market Strategy and Development

Date and Time
December 7, 2023
1 p.m. EST