IFMA’s World Workplace
October 16, 2019 -
October 18, 2019

IFMA's World Workplace

If you want to sharpen your facilities management skills and build your network, there is no place like IFMA’s World Workplace. The event is packed with breakout sessions to help you optimize your processes, integrate technology for better facility control and prepare for the future. Plus, there will be plenty of opportunities to exchange best practices with your peers. While you’re at IFMA’s World Workplace, be sure to check out our presentation, “Scope Your Way to Better Budgets,” presented by Certified Estimating Professional Rory Woolsey.


For facility managers, budget creation is a high stakes task. Budget too much and you risk tying up funds that could have been put to better use. Budget too little and you have to either cut project scope or ask for more money. But this choice is entirely avoidable with a comprehensive Scope of Work (SOW). This session will explain what facility managers need to know about creating a Scope of Work that will get your budget estimates off to a winning start.

Speaking Engagement
Title: Scope Your Way to Better Budgets
Date: October 17, 2019
Time: 3 p.m.
Rory Woolsey, Gordian
Rory Woolsey
Certified Estimating Professional

October 16, 2019 - October 18, 2019
Booth #929
Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, AZ